When: Tuesday, 16 April 2013, until Saturday, 11 May 2013,

Where: Art Central, Kings Square, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

Through the combined mediums of pencil drawings, black and white film photographs and written statements a unique record of our community will be documented.
This project is designed to go beneath the surface appearance and beyond the superficial statements made about our community.
Each participant will have their portrait drawn and a black and white photograph taken. They are invited to write a short profile of their lives and offer a written message. The result is a dialogue between each individual sitter and the community.
Those taking part will share their voice and experiences. Each individual voice is paramount to the success of this project. The project will evolve by ‘word of mouth’ with those taking part suggesting someone they believe has contributed to the community and been an inspiration in their lives. Thus the project is ongoing, creating some interesting and sometimes surprising links.
The project aims to be as diverse and open as possible being led by those taking part and those that inspire.

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