Art in Lockdown

Competition closed but artwork still available to view

The Art in Lockdown art trail has proved to be a tremendous success. Lots of families and individuals – young and old – have been seen out and about hunting down the codes and enjoying the varied artwork. We’ve had lots of lovely feedback on how much people have enjoyed a fun and focussed outdoor activity during these otherwise difficult times.

We’ve had about 25 submissions from participants aged 4 to 60 and a quarter! Those who have submitted their answer should receive an email to confirm safe receipt of their submission. Winning answers will be included in the prize draw and all participants – successful and unsuccessful – will be contacted by email once the prize draw has been completed. 

We will keep you posted, but thank you everyone and we are delighted to have brought a little bit of fun and colour to the half-term week. Now go and dry your coats!

We hope to leave the artwork displayed throughout the firebreak lockdown should you wish to view it. The competition is now closed, however.

Art in Lockdown Trail

24 October – 1 November

Throughout lockdown we have been busy painting and drawing, and would now like to share some of our lockdown artwork with you.  During the school halfterm week of 24 October to 1 November, we have organised an Art in Lockdown Trail around Dinas Powys for you to enjoy. In total 70 pieces of artwork , created by 23 artists , will be displayed in various outside locations around Dinas Powys.

To make the experience exciting for everyone, a fun family competition has been incorporated into the Art Trail.

We hope you enjoy seeing our artwork as much as we have enjoyed creating it. 

Art Trail & Competition starting in








Lockdown Artists

You may be interested to view the collected artwork that Dinas Powys Art Group artists completed during lockdown. We’ve been having weekly virtual meetings and been quite prolific.

The group has been presented with a wide range of artists from Salvador Dalí to Kyffin Williams and much of the artwork produced is in the style of some of these artists. It makes for an eclectic gallery of work.

As you can see from Tutankhamum, lockdown has made an impact.

Art Trail Competition

It’s half-term week so if you’re looking for a fun family activity or a daily stroll throughout the week, download the art trail map and seek out the 70 pieces of artwork.

For fun, we’re hosting a competition. Each picture has a number and a letter. Download the answer sheet, collect the letters for each painting, put them together and they will spell a winning phrase.

Or just have a wander and a gander. Above all, enjoy!